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Concert: 8/11/19Days of Action: 8/10/19
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297 West St

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Image by Carson Converse Studio

Days of Action

The Berkshires make

August 9

Makers Dinner

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Hancock Shaker Village brought together makers from around the Berkshires for a farm-to-table dinner from local chef Brian Alberg. Yo-Yo Ma joined the Berkshire Woodworkers Guild and others for a conversation about “making,” its role in the community, and Saturday’s Common Table project. By invitation only.

August 10

The Common Table: Building Community

. . .
First Street Common, Pittsfield, MA
9:00 am

Teams from 36 local arts organizations, businesses, and non-profits came together to build 36 tables. Working in partnership with the Naked Table Project and the Berkshire Woodworkers Guild, the community built benches and tables for local organizations and homes. The tables will be inscribed with local responses that complete the phrase The Berkshires make… . The Berkshire Jazz Collective performed, while visual artists from Blue Q led the creation of a mural. Table build by invitation only. Mural project free and open to the public.

Tree Planting

. . .
First Street Common
11:00 am

The DCR Urban and Community Forestry Program planted trees in memory of local victims of drug overdoses, gun violence, and war. Table building paused while the community gathered for a moment of silence and a special short performance by Yo-Yo Ma. Free and open to the public.

Discussion: How Makers Build Resilient Community

. . .
Zion Lutheran Church
11:15 am

Local cultural leaders and makers joined Yo-Yo Ma to discuss the history of making in the Berkshires and its renewal and redefinition among the next generation, asking how making can build confidence, encourage resilience, and create a strong community. Free and open to the public.

“Finishing” with Ice Cream

. . .
First Street Common
12:30 pm

Teams finished their tables and a hand-scooped ice cream social in partnership with SoCo Creamery celebrates all that we share.

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