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Concert: 11/8/19Day of Action: 11/9/19
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Arts Centre Melbourne

100 St Kilda Rd

. . .
7:30 PM

Poster art by Tom Civil


Day of Action


Conversation: Youth, Culture, and Climate Action — If not now, then when? 

. . .
Melbourne Conservatorium, University of Melbourne        
11:00 AM

Where do young people, culture, and climate action intersect? This collaborative conversation brought together secondary school students, cultural leaders, and scientists from across the city to explore the ways that young people are using culture to imagine solutions to some of our most pressing problems. The conversation was led by CLIMARTE, a Melbourne-based organization developing arts-based solutions to climate change; CLIMARTE works on the belief that “the arts can not only show but indeed they can make us feel the very problems that we are facing.” By invitation only.

The Coming Back Out Ball: Salon Myer Mural Hall

. . .
3:30 PM

LGBTI+ elders, younger members of the queer and trans community, and their allies gathered to eat, drink, dance, reminisce, and dream together with All the Queens Men, an arts collective that champions social equality celebrating diverse communities through community engaged frameworks, contemporary arts and creative actions. This participatory social event was offered as a gift that acknowledges the resilience, knowledge, and experience of Melbourne’s rainbow elders, a community that knows deeply the ways that culture can help us to imagine and build a better future. Free and open to the public.


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