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Day of Action: 9/13/2019Concert: 9/14/2019
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Xi'an City Wall

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7:30 PM

Poster art by Shuyu Huang 黄舒宇。

Day of Action


Xi'an City & Shaanxi Province

The Musician’s Role in Society / 音乐家在社会中扮演的角色

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Xi’an Conservatory of Music / 西安音乐学院
10:00 AM

Yo-Yo Ma joined China’s celebrated film composer Zhao Jiping and pipa star Wu Man for a conversation at one of the country’s top conservatories about the responsibility of the musician to travel beyond technique and training. The artists — who first met as early collaborators in Silkroad — shared the ways that exploration has shaped their careers, and how tradition has grounded their music. Conservatory only.

马友友与中国著名的电影作曲家赵季平和著名琵琶演奏家吴蛮在中国顶级音乐 学府畅谈超越演奏技巧和训练之后音乐家的使命。这三位艺术家最初是因为丝 绸之路项目的合作而相识, 分享了如何通过探索求知的途径塑造他们的职业生 涯,以及如何用传统奠定了他们的音乐基础。仅对音乐学院师生开放

Rural Technologies / 乡村与现代科技

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Jade Valley Winery / 玉川酒庄
Evening / 傍晚

Architect Qingyun Ma hosted local residents, Xi’an-area tech and design workers, students, and local musicians at his striking winery in the hills of Shaanxi. Together, they explored the role of agriculture and rural innovation in China’s past, present, and future through performances that activate the winery’s unique design and conversation about the role of tradition, nature, and invention in Chinese culture. By invitation.

建筑设计师马清运在他位于陕西省山区蓝田县的美丽酒厂接待了当地村民、 关注环保以及农业的非营利组织以及西安当地的技术和设计人员、学生和乡 村音乐家朋友们。他们与马友友一起,共同探讨了农业和农村发展创新在中 国过去、现在和未来的作用。通过表演艺术,引发了对酒厂独特设计的关注, 并讨论了传统、自然和发明在中国文化中的作用。受邀出席

Nine Bowls Banquet / 九大碗 流水席

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Jade Valley Winery / 玉川酒庄
Evening / 傍晚

The Jade Valley Winery hosted a traditional nine bowls feast to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival. The meal featured cultural testimonies by townspeople, musical performances, and local food and wine products made from the region’s harvests.

玉川酒庄举办了传统的“九大碗”流水席来庆祝中秋节。这个宴席集中反映了 当地村民的文化传统、地方音乐特色、地方饮食文化以及当地葡萄酒的特色。

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