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Day of Action: 9/13/2019Concert: 9/14/2019
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Xi'an City Wall

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7:30 PM

Day of Action


Xi'an City & Shaanxi Province

The Musician’s Role in Society

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Xi’an Conservatory of Music
10:00 AM

Yo-Yo Ma joined China’s celebrated film composer Zhao Jiping and pipa star Wu Man for a conversation at one of the country’s top conservatories about the responsibility of the musician to travel beyond technique and training. The artists — who first met as early collaborators in Silkroad — shared the ways that exploration has shaped their careers, and how tradition has grounded their music. Conservatory only.

Rural Technologies

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Jade Valley Winery

Architect Qingyun Ma hosted local residents, Xi’an-area tech and design workers, students, and local musicians at his striking winery in the hills of Shaanxi. Together, they explored the role of agriculture and rural innovation in China’s past, present, and future through performances that activate the winery’s unique design and conversation about the role of tradition, nature, and invention in Chinese culture. By invitation.

Nine Bowls Banquet

. . .
Jade Valley Winery

The Jade Valley Winery hosted a traditional nine bowls feast to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival. The meal featured cultural testimonies by townspeople, musical performances, and local food and wine products made from the region’s harvests.

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